Why You DON'T Need To Worry About Spider-Man Leaving The MCU

What's going on, you guys! So, unless you you're dead (in that case, rest in peace, friend), you probably saw the headlines that The MCU will not continue to produce Spider-Man films. Back in 2015/2016, Sony and Disney agreed to a landmark deal that would allow Spider-Man to appear in MCU films and required some MCU characters to feature in stand alone Spider-Man films. You can watch almost any YouTube video currently posted that details the financial and legal rights of the deal. So, paraphrased, Sony keeps all of the box-office money and Marvel gets a mere 5% of the fist dollar made on merchandising stuff.

It seems as if Disney overplayed their hand in negotiations. The original deal was for five films. Two stand alone films and appearances in three other MCU films. That deal was completed with Spider-Man: Far From Home and the studios need to negotiate further to keep the good feeling going. Disney seems to be getting really greedy. Supposedly they asked for a 50/50 split. Basically as simple as it sounds. At first glance, that seems fair. The MCU does all the heavy lifting and Sony profits. That isn't totally true, but either way, Sony is NOT going to give up on their only flagship franchise. This is their bread and butter, as evidenced by their attempts (and so far successes) at starting adjacent franchises with their Venom-verse and Spider-verse.

THE REASON THAT YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY is that both sides know how important it is to keep Spider-Man in the MCU right now. The money and the fan approval is there. As Grace Randolph pointed out in her post on YouTube about these events, this is just negotiating. One might even say aggressive negotiations. Presumably, one of the sides leaked the info to put pressure on the situation and get a more reasonable deal done. I think Sony was responsible for the leak. They know that Marvel needs Spider-Man at this point. It is so weird that Disney put so much weight on that character in their film, merchandise, and upcoming theme park attraction. I mean, it is a great iteration of the character with actors, directors, and producers who love the character and his associated world and the MCU is entering untested waters... They NEEED Spider-Man to ground themselves. I just, I think the money is too great, even if Disney doesn't get as big a piece as they want, to let this break down happen.

I personally don't want to see it happen either. Sony has proven that they can't handle the films without Kevin Feige in the building. If I had it my way, hey would just stop FUCKING around and lump EVERYTHING together. Spider-Man: Locked out of The Home (the sequel to Far From Home) can still happen as Disney wants, even the film after that (Jon Watts and Tom Holland are signed [whether or not Disney produces] to two more films). After that? Venom, Spider-Verse, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield (begrudgingly), and MCU all fold into one. With the introduction of a multi-verse (first in Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse) and then further teased/used in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-man: Far From Home, Sony and Marvel have all the room in the world to work with. MCU is it's own main thing, Spider-Verse is it's own main thing, but Tom Holland's Peter Parker is the connective tissue between the two. Venom is... Well Venom would REALLY play well in the MCU. Tom Hardy, wise cracking, asshole Venom... Great for the MCU in which every character interaction is a battle of the wits. So, I think he could be be worked into ALL of the properties. He would be easier to transplant into Spider-Verse, so that is good. So, yeah. A lot of possibilities, if only money and business wasn't in the way. Either way, don't fret over Spider-Man leaving the MCU. It won't happen.

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