What I've Been Watching - September/October 2020

What's going on, you guys! It's been a minute since I posted here, but here is a list of the movies that I previously had not seen, until recently! The goal is to spark a little discussion if you have seen the movies on the list or give you some new options to check out!

Tenet - Man it feels like it's been years since I saw Tenet twice in theaters. The funny thing is that it was supposed to be the blockbuster to save movie theaters! Well, the medical/political/social climate only got worse by the time the movie crawled into theaters. The film itself didn't turn out to be such a cinema saving, A-grade film unfortunately. I pretty much loved it! I was invested in the action and the emotion (that some feel the film lacks), but it was pretty average. Big scale, fancy plot device, but just a movie. It would have been worth seeing in theaters if you had been comfortable going, but it definitely isn't hot shit.

Sleepy Hollow - Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. It's about what you'd expect. I find it interesting and a little unfortunate that Depp plays the straight man to lots of hijinks. I thought the horror aspect was fun, it's a really nice movie to cozy up with a blanket and like hot chocolate (bonus points if you have a significant other to add to the mix) on a cold October night. I think the film was maybe a little boring at times, very straight forward really. Still, one I really liked and watched in a good mood. I'd definitely recommend it. You can watch this one on Netflix.

Camp Cretaceous - Not a movie, but you know I had high hopes for this show. It's a Netflix show, a side-quel to Jurassic World. A very exclusive kid's camp on the island has to survive while the events of the first movie occur. It is a 3D animated show and is absolutely for children, but it's enjoyable for adults. So, if you have kids you won't cringe too much when you hear it in the background or if you wanted to watch it yourself, it's an alright time. The animation is great on the dinosaurs. I thought the action/horror was definitely well done. With a kids show, you have to not cross a line while still being exciting and not pandering to kids and I think that was a well-walked line. It is, as I previously typed, on Netflix.

X-Men Last Stand - Meh. The X-Men movies are so... Weird. I don't like the vibe and while I enjoyed them overall, these first few culminate in an ugly film that doesn't hit home emotionally for me. The first of two failed attempts at the dark Phoenix storyline just doesn't really work. Brooding Scott. Wolverine is... Well, he's great. Always is. The final battle is a mess... The film just doesn't stand out to me in anyway unfortunately. In excited to see what the younger actors do, but I know why I have waited this long to watch the X-Men series.

This one is... Oh boy I don't even know where I watched this. Think I used Contour because I have Cox as my cable provider and it was available free. Or I recorded it from a cable channel.

The New Mutants - Eh. New Mutants had the benefit of creating a wild atmosphere with just how long it took to get to theaters. Then there was the reveal that there WEREN'T any reshoots and it was never r rated and all the drama was for nothing. I was interested. A distant horrorspin-off tinged of the classic X-Men movies is an interesting niche, but it turned out to be just a movie, man. Not a lot of tension in the plot, little-to-no interesting characters, and a dead end for a franchise that Disney is about to reboot in the coming years. I enjoyed it enough, but it never went far enough with the horror thing or did something interesting with any of it's bland characters. This is available for digital purchase or rental, I believe. I saw it as a theatrical release.

The Black Cauldron - An infamous Disney movie that I actually mat have seen before, but have not recollection. I like it! The skeleton king dude is cool as fuck and the story is serviceable overall. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it though, so watch at your own risk. It's available on Disney+.

Enola Holmes - I love this movie! It has SO much character and FUN! It's like a story book for any age! Millie Bobby Brown is fantastic! She has a lot of charisma and is good for the light hearted romp through her first adventure on screen as Enola. She also believably pulls out some amazing moments in terms of the drama. She has long seemed very mature and honestly was outpacing the other cast members of Things and felt more mature. Some of them are finally catching up, but Brown has continued to improve and diversify her portfolio. This is a great step for her! You can check this one out on Netflix.

The Nice Guys - One of the funniest movies I've ever seen! Go watch it. Seriously,

Creepshow - I uhhh.... I don't know. I liked the one skit with the dude who buries people on the beach because of the killer's character was so funny. The rest of it was too Stephen King. When he is really on his twist, his horror is just plain silly. Not endearingly so either. That's just me though. Creepshow is worth it if you're a 10 year old who wants to step into the world of horror. Maybe a good sleepover movie, honestly. I found it for free on cable I believe. Contour from Cox. It might be on Amazon prime. No guarantees. Not going to look it up, even though I easily could get fucked.

Vivarium - What a nice, little horror movie experience. I didn't expect high concept or A-grade story telling and I didn't get it, but it's a pretty well made film! A horror sci-fi film with a couple pretty big stars, but made on a budget and rather small in execution of the concept. I think it was entertaining the whole way through and would recommend it on a day off, little mid day movie to yourself, you know? Or with others, your choice. I found it on Amazon Prime.

Halloween II, Halloween III Season of The Witch, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Halloween Resurrection - Man. It was a real battle to get through these. I somehow love this Franchise, but also hate it! Literally basically all the movies suck, honestly. The first is alright, I have a soft spot for three, and like some of the ideas that are put forth in every movie, but it's all just bad really. I think a contributing factor for ME, is that I don't enjoy the gore and creative kills that became the norm for the franchise and I wasn't super curious to see the movies. I just kind of went for it after seeing the original and the most recent one a couple years ago. So, the movies are bad AND it's not my thing. If you want to hear more in depth thoughts, listen to my episode of The Best Seat in The House in which I watch Halloween! Available wherever you get your podcasts! https://www.buzzsprout.com/124564/6126352-the-best-seat-in-the-house-halloween. I watched the Halloween movies using Contour (free) and I also paid for a few on Amazon Prime.

3022 - LOVE the set design and overall film design. Very VERY reminiscent of Ridley Scott's Alien and even Alien: Isolation and Alien: Covenant. The film itself is sad and I commend the story for trying, but really it is lackluster. Certain lack of stakes, I guess. The cast was admirable, Miranda Cosgrove is there in a small role. She was alright. It's just the design that really has me thinking. I love it. It's a Netflix original, bout an hour and a half and a good watch for sci-fi fans.

Into The Forest - Fucking sad, man. Fucking sad. A family of three (Father and two young adult/late teen daughters) face a slowly looking apocalypse in their isolated home in the forest. Really, the film is kind of boring if you think it's going to be a horror movie. It's a slow burn drama. It's a good one, great chemistry between the leads and great tension throughout. One scene in particular is harrowing and really caught me off guard. Worth a watch if you want to see trauma!

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