Top 10 Favorite MCU Movies/Shows

These are my current 10 favorite movies in the MCU. I am not wholly basing the entries on the list on quality or how actually well made the film is in any aspect... Well, it's not a critical analysis of the films, these are just what I prefer. Starting from the bottom:

10) WandaVision - O, Mephisto where art thou? WandaVision was the first Kevin Feige MCU show. The first Disney+ show. When it was first announced, it had a majority of the fan base clamoring for it! The hype was basically unreal. I was part of said hype, although interestingly enough I let my co-host's lack of enthusiasm bring me down a bit just before release, so I went in with moderate-high expectations. Those expectations were blown out of the water as Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany took us on a journey!! Those two acted their ASSES off! The show was what they said it would be (Dennis Green, much love)! It was a television sitcom. I loved the charm of each episode because it felt so honest. The end was a bit rushed and they definitely played with our heads letting us run wild with theories and what not... Then we got Ralph Bonered. So, yeah a great and fun mystery that felt like a really fun experience together as fans.

9) Avengers: Endgame - What. A. Journey. The ultimate culmination of 10 years of interconnected films unlike any other franchise. It did drag at times and the whole thing kind of feels like an easy fix... It's the time travel conundrum. It just seems too easy. But I loved the send off we got for Cap and Iron Man, Black Widow died a hero, Hawkeye was a fucking MENACE AND MURDERER, and Thanos was disappointing. That's not my Thanos!

8) Avengers (2012) - What a time. It's incredible that this movie worked how it did. The MCU laid some groundwork with 5 movies, but looking back on it... It feels so risky. Iron Man was a hit, but the second film soured things a little. Captain America and The were rather quaint. Hulk was recovering from Edward Norton. Black Widow was eye candy in Iron Man 2, Hawkeye only had a small cameo to his name, and this was the first time we had seen a crossover film to this extent. Every aspect of the film really just came together beautifully and it will always be an important piece if Cinema history. And, arguably, this was one of the funniest MCU movies. The quips were there for the taking since a lot of these characters had not met before and it was just delightful.

7) Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 1/Vol. 2 - Cheating slightly here, but I can't choose netween either of these films. As funny as Avengers was, both of these films are in contention for funniest MCU movie so far. The cast bounces off of each other so well. All of them are so funny. The story is... Simple. The first one feels extremely formulaic and the stakes don't really hit for me, but the second makes up for it with just how heartfelt the story feels with Started finding his father, finding about what a mega douche he is, and having to destroy his father, a living planet. And, of course, the soundtracks are a collection of absolute bangers.

6) Captain America: The Winter Solider - It was the first MCU movie that said it was going to be a comic book movie mixed with, "genre x." This was a spy thriller of sorts and it plays out well. The Russo's first outing was well done and the stars all came to Play. Bucky is fucking badass and that's always fun.

5) Thor: Ragnarok - Okay, okay... THIS is the funniest MCU movie. We have always known that Thor and Chris Hemsworth himself are hilarious, or can be. Taika Waitit got his first shot at a big franchise film and he knocked it out of the park! The action is over the top and amazing. Unfortunately the villain is a bit lackluster and the CGI/effects are questionable a little too often, but that's most Marvel movies before 2016. Bruce Banner is also a little too... Much in this one, but Hulk was the main attraction and he was great. The score, the orchestral composition, is probably one of my favorite in the MCU very original and I think good.

4) Loki - My oh my, the MCU TV shows have gone three for three so far, but Loki is an absolute masterpiece! Somehow, I enjoyed the THIRD Loki redemption arc that the fast tracked through 6 episodes of television. This is Avengers Loki too, so wow! The set design and production design is PHENOMENAL! The story is very tight, good balance of stringing us along without being unreasonable. Silvie was, awkward at first, but ended being a great character to work opposite Loki. The true stars of the show have to be Owen Wilson's jet ski loving Mobius and Alligator Loki. I also enjoy the balls to have this show break open the multiverse. Ballsy to put such a revelation on the TV show on your exclusive streaming service. Especially after Feige said that the movies can be watched without having to watch the 80 shows they have out and are working on.

3) Avengers: Infinity War - Infinity War is the one where the good guys lose. Thanos, after 20-some movies of build up, shows up and does what he sets out to do: Wipe out half the life in the entire universe. The best villain we have seen in the MCU so far put our favorite avengers in the darkest place they've ever been before and it all happens in one of the best paced, funniest, and most exciting superhero films so far.

2) Captain America Civil War - Technically not an Avengers movie, but maybe the best Avenger movie, still. The Russo's went on a wild run from Winter Soldier to Endgame in which they made themselves look like some of the best filmmaker, at least in the blockbuster realm, in the game. Unfortunately, they have not been doing super well since then, BUT Civil War was them approaching the height their success. Chris Evans and RDJ acted their asses off and the balance between outer plot arc and inner character centric arcs was off the chain. Baron Von Zemo was the first villain in the MCU that REALLY was, like, notable as being a good villain. He started a brief fad in the MCU in that regard. We got to see Black Panther and Spider-Man for the first time, we got to see Avengers v. Avengers on screen finally, and we got to see Giant Man! It all came together here.

1) Iron Man - Where it all started. The first MCU movie was one with a fast and loose production featuring Jon Favreau, RDJ, and Kevin Feige all trying to prove themselves again. The story is simple, the humour enjoyable, effects alright, and acting okay across the board... And it is endlessly re-watchable. The true reason the film works is RDJ. An incredible come back that helped create an empire.

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