The Movies That DIDN'T Make My Top 10 - June 2019

What's going, you guys! I posted an episode dealing with my 10 favorite movies of the first half of 2019! It's right there on the channel, you CAN'T MISS IT. With that list, I left some very notable films off of it. Here they are, in order, 11-however many others I saw!

11. Captain Marvel - Not as good as I wanted, but about as good as expected. Brie Larson and Carol Danvers ended up being better than initially expected. The movie felt unbalanced in that it focused too much on the main character being a woman and it was pushing so much that the movie felt distant from itself. It had a unique feel for a Marvel movie, which is good, but the quality wasn’t too high. I thought Sam Jackson. Was great to see Coulson in the movie! He was boring as shit though. It acted as a great prequel to the universe that Feigie and company have built up. It got me excited to see Carol in Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel 2. 4/10.

12. The Prodigy - Not top of the line. It was better than I thought it would be though. The performances were believable, the movie was disturbing at times. It was a great and dark ending too, I liked that. The score was off the hook, Joseph Bishara coming through as usual. 4/10.

13. Aladdin - You know? MUCH better than I thought it would be! I haven’t seen the cartoon in forever, so I forgot how much I enjoy it. This was a nice update, even though the cast and trailers really didn't look too solid. The music was enchanting to be honest. The only problems I have are that sometimes the animal effects and cityscapes looked meh and the movie was pretty awful until genie showed up! Then it everyone and thing mostly gelled. I really liked the design and do think that Guy Ritchie was the right choice to direct. Will Smith was very good as Genie. I just don’t like musicals that much. Low on the list due to the fact that I just really would prefer the films above it to exist. Good movie, but I wouldn’t before any of the ones listed before it. 7\10.

The movies that I neglected to/ Have not had the chance to see yet:

Detective Pikachu, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, The Tomorrow Man, Brightburn, Rocketman, MIB: International, and Child's Play.

Well, that about wraps it up for today! Drop a comment here or hit the forums to let me know what you think of the movies included in this post! OR whatever YOU want to bring to the discussion! A slight note: As of posting this, I am going to see Child's Play tomorrow, so I will write a quick review and post it on the site! Thank you for reading, make sure to check out our most recent episodes of the podcast and have a great day!

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