#THESNYDERCUT Looks Fantastic

What's going on, you guys! As of writing this, DC Fandome is winding down to a close. There have been several announcements, reveals,and trailers throughout the day that have all been very exciting!

No doubt the most anticipated reveal was the full trailer for the HBO Max series, Justice League. The title seems to have been settled on. I think it is Justice League the Snyder Cut. I love the title, it gives the series a very honest vibe. It will be released initially as 4, 1 hour long episodes. There will be an option (presumably once the final episode has been release) to watch it in movie format. You know, one four hour long journey (which Kaesen and I will surely enjoy.)

As for the trailer itself? Hell yeah! I was moderately excited when Justice League was initially on its way to theaters. When I saw Joss Whedon's cut, I pretty much hated it. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun the first time. I was checked out enough to enjoy the classic Whedon style being forced into Snyder's story. Now, supposedly NONE of the Whedon footage is in this film. I think about 1/4 or so of the theatrical release was new Whedon material, maybe more. So we will see plenty of things we saw before, but the hope is that the new Snyder Cut will pull it together in a better way. Plus, he has new footage that was never released in this, so yeah.

I like the vibe of this JL better than the first attempt. I am a fan of Snyder's DC vision. I like the dark, gritty,violent, and sad world that he initially showed us. I like Batlfeck. I think I am going to really enjoy this series. At least more than the original theatrical release. Now that I have seen the trailer and am thinking about it, this is going to be weirder than I thought. In terms of, like, how the DCEU has gone since JL, it will be funny seeing this movie that time has already left behind. Definitely going to be interesting how I feel about the DC multiverse once this drops. Either way, I have high hopes! Drop a comment and let me know what you think of the trailer!

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