The Multi-Verse: IT'S NOT A PHASE, MOM!

WHAt's going on, you guys! So, Michael Keaton's Batman is most likely coming back. He supposedly hasn't officially said yes, but I feel it coming. He will have a role in the upcoming Flash movie. As of now, it is going to be directed by Andy Muschietti (IT and IT Chapter 2) and will star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. The story is now gearing back towards being a Flashpoint sort of story with Barry travelling in time to try and save his mother, but he opens up a portal to an alternate universe where Keaton's Batman is still stalking Gotham's nights thirty years after Batman '89.

So, in terms of the Keaton factor and how this movie may play out according to that plot synopsis? I like it a lot. It feels... Cheesy. Definitely cheesy. Still, Keaton and his Batman returning has a certain authenticity to it that excites me. I don't remember what outlet I read or heard this in originally, but someone said or wrote that it seems as if the DCEU is trying to make its own multi-verse. The goal is to have all of its movies exist like branches on a tree. This allows them to do the higher concepts with Joker, do the Snyder-verse on HBO Max, and do whatever else they want on the big screen (Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman, etc..) It allows WB to do what it seems to do best in terms of super heroes: Focus on the adventures separately and not pour all their effort into making super commercial and happy movies that always lead to Justice League or what have you. Still, they can also shift gears and cross over certain movies or characters if they really want to or see an opportunity.

The minor annoyance that has me hooked up on this is that the second Sony used the term "Multi-verse," in a movie, it has become the go-to term for anything superhero or cinematic universe related. Marvel is literally doing Into the Spider-verse, but with Doctor Strange. Even Star Wars has possible plans to have a new live-action show take place in an, "alternate universe," to the movies and shows up until now. This happens, everywhere all the time. Trends, fads, good ideas (whatever they may be, it depends on the situation of course) all fly through the wheelhouse. Sony took a risk by going fill comic book with multiple realities and it worked well enough for everyone else to go for it.

I am surprised that this was not enacted on quicker, I imagine that there are some risks to the idea of just throwing your movies together in one cinematic universe, but art this point, it makes sense business wise. They can do this, throw everything together, reference whatever events they want in whatever movie with nice Easter eggs and throwaway lines and if they really have a rockin' idea for a certain crossover, then hell yeah! Then again, this means that everything is very loosely connected and there isn't any obligation to make each and every movie a cinematic universe, super tie-in. I think Warner Brothers will never ever know what they want to do with their superhero cinematic universe and every time they have an idea with some sort of steam, they are going to go for it. I imagine that this tree branch idea is going to be the status quo for them for a long time, they may have found their niche in the super hero market. Singular adventures and minimal crossover movies. Well, maybe they will crossover kind of often, but they aren't going to be the event movies that we are used to.

All-in-all, this is an interesting strategy and one I will watch closely as time passes.

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