The MCU - Every Announced Show/Movie From Disney's Investor Meeting

WHAT's going on, you guys!! LOTS of movie news today! Kaesen and I recorded a couple episodes of Movie News and I'll be honest, it is almost overwhelming! Trailers we didn't see until after we finished, movies, titles, casting, ect., that we didn't notice... MCU, Star Wars, Alien, and Disney/Pixar, and MORE! WHAT a day, I totally underestimated this meeting as it came up and it bit me right in the ass today! So, here is a brief description of EVERYTHING officially announced for the MCU in the near future:

Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania - Peyton Reed is back to direct the third Ant-Man movie and do his best to try and make Paul Rudd boring. Also returning are Evangeline Lily (amidst her previous internet infamy this year and last) and Michael Douglas, and Michelle Pfeiffer as The Van Dynes, Kathryn Newton, of Supernatural fame, is joining the cast as Cassy Lang. Adult Cassy was seen portrayed by a different actress in Avengers: Endgame. Fuck it, I guess. Kathryn Newton is someone I am a fan of, so hell yeah, brother. No release date, but it is supposed to be a Phase 4 movie. Well, its currently intended to be. So, yeah, Get ready for mediocrity.

Ironheart - Dominque Thorn is set to play Riri Williams, the person responsible for developing the most advanced technological suit since Tony Stark's Iron Man suit (which made it to comical proportions and limitations in Endgame) and she takes up the superhero mantle as Ironheart. Riri is a popular comic book character, one that was born out of what felt like forced diversification, but quickly became a bona fide hero and character. She has been rumored for, like, years as the next step in the Iron Man end of things, so here we are. I am excited, albeit in the dark on the character.

Armor Wars - DON CHAEDLE, BABY!!! God, this sounds so DRY. According to Collider, James Rhodes will have to put on the suit, reclaim his title, and stop a technocratic, dystopian nightmare when Stark's technology falls into the wrong hands. I uhhh I don't know. I always felt like Rhodey got the shaft and never got to develop past a second or third string Avenger and comic relief (in movies that every character in the film is comic relief.) So, nice to see there is a story that they think people will watch and enjoy. It is a title that REALLY shows just how amazing Kevin Feigie is doing right now with the MCU. I feel like it is way different and harder to pull this off as movies and TV versus comics. Like, comic book movies are going to officially hit god status in the next three years. So many announcements aren't coming out until, like, 2023 or later too. Hell, most of the announcements are coming in 2022, with most of the less exciting adventures hitting us in 2021 to cleanse the pallet after a year of no big movies or shows from Disney... This is just bonkers. I love it! Except for this specific title. Dry.

GOTG Vol.3 and Holiday Special - Feigie confirmed that James Gunn is writing and directing the film and it will release in 2023. Gunn is also writing and will direct a Holiday Special of the franchise that will be filmed during the filming of the third movie and will release in 2022 on Disney+.

I am Groot - Groot is getting a series of animated shorts released on Disney+. No release date or other details.

Captain Marvel 2 - Brie Larson will of course headline the film as the title character. With her is Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani.) Monica was first seen as a child in Captain Marvel (she will also be in WandaVision. Hell, she was in the trailer, I believe.) Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) is a Pakistani superhero and she is making her television/movie debut on Disney as well. Nia DeCosta (Candyman) has long been known to be directing the sequel which will premiere November 11, 2022.

Ms. Marvel - Kamala Khan is going to make her television/film debut on Disney+ in 2021. No details on the plot or other major cast members, but the series is being run by Bisha K. Ali and feature a slew of talented and oscar winning directors.

She-Hulk - Tatitana Maslany is leading the Disney+ Hulk show! With her is Mark Ruffalo and surprisingly Tim Roth as The Hulk/Bruce Banner and The Abomination respectively. Maslany is a lawyer dealing SPECIFICALLY with superhero related cases in the show. It is not even in production yet, so not too too much to go on. Jessica Gao is head writer with Kat Coiro and Anu Valia directing.

Thor Love and Thunder - Christian Bale, everybody! Bale is confirmed to be playing Gor The God Butcher in the movie and he will be the main villain of the piece. The returning cast features the main players of the previous film (minus Mark Ruffalo as far as I am aware.) Chris Pratt was announced previously, it is expected that the remaining Guardians seen at the end of Endgame will have a small role. It is set for theatrical release in May 6, 2022.

Black Panther 2 - T'Challa will officially not be recast. Ryan Coogler is back to direct, the film will hit theaters July 8, 2022 and Coogler will focus on the world and culture of Wakanda and shine light on the supporting characters of the previous film (and presumably some new players.)

Falcon and Winter Solider - God damn this looks like shit. Jesus Christ, man. Now that I have taken your God's name in vain, this trailer was so boring its ridiculous. This has long been the one Disney+ show that I thought would be a weak outing and this trailer doesn't improve the outlook at all for me. The humor didn't land, action looked generic, Bucky loses all swagger and brooding emotion and intensity with his lack of hair. He is nothing. Born from nothing. Little bitch boy. There is potential still, but really it looks so milquetoast that I can't even say anything more about it right now. Side note though, Florence Pugh's character from Black Widow will have a cameo in the series.

Loki - The trailer, which took me by surprise, is so awesome!!! The music, action, style, scope, and cast make me want to just... Well, bust a nut. I may not have needed to say that, but COME ON, MAN! Amazing fights and action sequences, Black Widow in the Soul Stone seemingly, OWEN WILSO BRINGING IT. GOD HE FUCKING BROUGHT IT IN THESE CLIPS IN THE TRAILER. The TVA (Time Variance Agency) and oh man.... This show felt like a movie and I think it is the best chance we will have to see Thor and some other heroes appear briefly for something important. I also don't know much about the TVA, so I get an interesting premise with little-to-no backstory and a spine tingling trailer. Can't wait! Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty) created it (and has writing credit on Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness) and all six episodes were directed by Katie Herron (Daybreak, Sex Education.) No word on the release date, but 2021 seems likely.

WandaVision - A second trailer for the upcoming sitcom on Disney+ is online. It looks god damned AMAZING!!! Love it, can't wait for the multi-verse to be broken open and shoved down my throat.

Secret Invasion - Grace Randolph initially revealed this info and now Disney revels in their own announcement of it. Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn are going to star in a Disney+ series called, Secret Invasion. An adaptation of the famous comic storyline that will lead into Captain Marvel 2, which you can expect many Avengers and character to feature in! Secret Invasion will kick off the story with CM2 finishing it as well.

Hakweye - Next fall Jeremy Renner gets another chance to try and make Hawkeye anything more than dumbass after thought in his series, Hawkeye on Disney+. Hailee Steinfeld will pal Kate Bishop. There are more big names, one is Florence Pugh reprising her role from Falcon and Winter Solider and Black Widow. l

Fantastic Four - Here we go again! Jon Watts, the director of the MCU's Spider-Man movies so far (including the upcoming third movie) is now set to direct the MCU's Fantastic Four movie! There is nothing in the form of casting, plot details, or release date, or anything really. For a while, Watts was a guy that I thought was just meh and was just doing company man shit for Disney, but he makes some wonderful tongue-in-cheek, honest heart felt and very funny Spider-Man movies that touch on some nice themes. They have a good style and niche too, very underrated by... Myself, really. So, he can bring something good to the fourth attempt at a Fantastic Four movie.

What are you most excited about? Drop a comment and let me know! Make sure to watch or listen to the most recent episodes of the podcast!

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