THE LIGHTHOUSE - Spilling My Beans

WHAT'S going on, you guys! This here is a exclusive episode of the podcast! it is a non-spoiler review of Robert Eggers' mew movie, The Lighthouse. It is a horror movie about a lighthouse keeper and his new second mate survive each other and the weather around them. It stars Willam Defoe and Robert Pattinson.

Kaesen and I saw it together and both enjoyed it! ONE thing that I did not mention in the review is that we both agreed that Pattinson could not keep the Irish accent and sometimes it took us out of the movie. Sometimes he was Irish, sometimes he sounded like he was from midwest America, and he even slipped into an American East Coast accent when he yelled at one point. Other than his bad accent, the acting was pretty impeccable. I think it is a movie worth seeing! It is another high class, high quality effort under the A24 banner.

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