Star Wars The High Republic: JUST STOP IT. STOP.

What's going on, you guys! So, we have new of where the next era of Star Wars will go. Lucasfilm and Disney are working on releasing the first phase of a new series if stories. These stories will take place and have to do with an era they are calling, "The High Republic." This will be a multimedia project that includes books and comics. There is room to expand to other mediums, I presume, but no show or movies were announced. The whole project is an over-arching story called, "Project Luminous."

This era is about 200 years before the prequels. It is a golden era that will see the Jedi as, really, the height of their existence. They are supposedly truly guardians of the peace and justice and their numbers are great.

The first story in Project Luminous is a book called, The Light of The Jedi by Charles Soule. The novel will see them coming together to face down a new, evil force called, "The Nihil." The Nihil are described as Space Vikings. They are formidable evil-doers that are not as organized and structured as The Empire, Separatists, or First (and Last) Order. They are more punk rock, than totalitarian, if you will. The Jedi will be responding to a cataclysmic event known as, "The Great Disaster." Silly name aside, this has some potential. Other confirmed stories in this first phase (it isn't like Marvel, I just don't have a better word to use):

A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland, a middle-grade book.

The High Republic by Cavan Scott, a comic series

Into The Dark by Claudia Gray, a novel

The High Republic Adventures by Daniel Jose Older, an IDW comic series.

All these stories are inter-woven and will only be the start of this arc. So, I have conflicting thoughts. This is an era that has, so far, been untapped by Disney. With this, there is so much good and so much bad. I'll start with the good. The first thing and most important to me is that these stories SHOULD be much more fresh than anything we have seen so far. I have not read a lot, hardly any at all, of the new canon material. I love the movies and watch them, but ever since I was a kid I was not drawn to Star Wars books and comics. I prefer the movies, then the shows, and then the games. I hardly play the games. So, this makes me an odd fit to speculate and share my opinion on this news, but here I am nonetheless. SO, I can't say how original and great the material that Disney has produced outside of the five movies they have made. I love all the movies and have many problems with them, but overall I would call the sequel trilogy and two spin-offs a swing and a miss. So, I welcome a large scale, over-arching Star Wars story. I am excited to experience The Jedi in large numbers and a new Republic era. I am also excited to see what they can do with the force, good and evil, space travel, new planets, and more.

All of that sounds great, but, like, it is a big, fat fist to the face of fans of The Legend continuity. ESPECIALLY those who have been shitting themselves every time a movie is announced and it is not a Knights of The Old Republic movie. I mean, this era is basically the Old Republic. I think that may have spanned a longer time, but still. The Jedi in huge numbers and doing stuff all the time. More splintered, but also sort of united enemies.... I mean, I don't know. I wonder if it would have been better to just tuck their tail between their legs and do a Knights of The Old Republic reboot? Something similar to it? I do think there a very awesome possibilities here, but it is going to sting dearly for the fans that are upset over the burning of all those thousands of characters, stories, events, places, and all that stuff and those things. So, it is a sort of adaptation of those stories and ideas from the games.

So, that is a big problem. You know what the real problem is? THEY ARE ALL BOOKS AND COMICS.. Disney said that they are taking a break on movies and I guess I believe them. Even with rumors of a movie being developed that takes place on the Sith Planet, Exogol. They just.... They are like a 9 year old in a candy store, with a credit card and no supervision. I don't think that there is an over saturation of the brand (I don't think it will ever happen), but I do think that Lucasfilm needs to seriously slow down. Slow. Down. DAMN IT. They cannot stop attempting to start a franchise within the franchise. They feel like every few months there needs to be a Star Wars property launching, but it is getting tiring. I assume that a future movie or series of them will possibly be in the fold if there is a lot of money, interest, and positive word-of-mouth about the stories in Project Luminous. Still, is it going to be too late by then? If these stories do well, do we need a film adaptation of any? What if they make a film or show that is related to and interwoven with these books and comics? How many YouTube recaps and Easter Eggs videos do I need to watch before I see a damn movie, nowadays??

Well, that about wraps it up for this one. Make sure to check out our podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen to your podcasts! We have plenty of Star Wars content and reviews for you! Thank you for reading this post and be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what YOU think of this new era of Star Wars!

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