Star Wars Films Ranked - Including Rise of Skywalker

What's going on, you guys! This will be a quick exercise, I just want to put this out there, since we have a new film to consider. It is fun to see how ti changes, especially when a newer film influences feelings on a previous one! It will be in order from least to most favorite. Starting with...


- Can't say much about this one. Well, sure I could, but I'm not going to


- This is a controversial one... I think the story feels messy. The re-shoots and changes cobbled together what was not a well shot script, so it was pretty good. Jyn did not impact me at all, the movie is praised for being so different and what people want from a spinoff, but I think it was too much of the same per usual. The Darth Vader scene is one of the best things to ever exist, the action is great throughout, and the effects are some of the best in the franchise. The finale is also stunning as a whole. The digital recreation of a few certain characters was... Not great. They had to do it for the story and I support the choice, it was just too soon. It was also rushed, so not as good as they could have done. Just too messy for me and it continually promises something so different and new, but then it shrinks away from it (most of the time.)


- Han Solo. You're a dead man! I personally pretty much love this film. Many think it is only okay. It isn't remarkable. Why make it? BECAUSE WE GET TO SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH ONE OF OUR FAVORITE HEROES. I supported the Solo spin-off from the beginning. I long to see what Lloyd and Miller would have done with it, but there is no going back now. The film is a good example of being Star Wars. Great, gritty vibe with fun energy. Well, it feels a little boring at times, but it still works. Alden Ehrenreich is absolutely Han Solo. Dryden Voss was an underrated, if not simple villain. One of my favorite Star Wars moments will forever be seeing Darth Maul on the silver screen for the first time in over 10 years. I leaped out of my seat in the theater when I realized who it was. The choice between Solo and Rogue One in the rankings honestly came down to Vader end scene versus Maul end scene. That is fun for me, but also points to the fact even though I like these movies, they have some issues...


- I used to rank this at the top of my list. I can't remember how old I was when that changed, but it is just hard to look at this film and enjoy it more than the others above it. Funny way of saying I don't like it as much as the others, huh? Luke had his Jedi Knight, shining moments in this one. He was a badass! He IS a badass. The conflict between Vader, Luke, and The Emperor is great. The throne room scene is forever one of the most tension filled scenes in the franchise! The battle of Endor (ships and ground) has a certain campy, charm to it. It is classic Star Wars, basically. Even though he didn't want to be there, Harrison Ford was great. The movie is just pretty straight forward and safe. They played it safe after Empire took things in some wild directions.


- Here we are. In the present. I was super pumped to see this movie and I had a great time watching it! What a glorious and exciting cap to the franchise! I liked a lot about the end of the character arcs that were setup in Force Awakens, the music is great (a return to form for Williams,) the force powers and lightsaber combat on display is magical... There is a lot of good going for this movie. Unfortunately, the bad aspect of the movie is the story. It is slapped together, full of silly fan service, there are a few plot points that didn't go anywhere, and the film is weighed down because there is so much going on. The Emperor is just back. Hardly explained. Almost every major point in The Last Jedi was yoinked back and thrown in the trash, man. I need to quote Mason from Mr. Sunday Movies YouTube channel and The Weekly Planet Podcast. It feels as if this movie is a sequel to an imaginary, alternate, J.j. Arbams version of episode 8. It was weird. Still, I love the film and am happy to have it this way, even with the problems.


- The characters are well done, it is a fast paced and fun fantasy/adventure film, it was a refreshing step into a beautiful and unique science fiction world and it left itself open to some interesting directions to move forward with, if the opportunity was to arise.


- Man, oh man, I love this movie. It is clunky in so many sense, the effects don't necessarily age well, but some are groundbreaking, and it changes a lot about Star Wars. Qui-Gon Jinn is my second favorite character in the franchise (Hello, Rey), Darth Maul is my third favorite, and Obi-Wan was one of the best things about the prequels and even the whole franchise! I will forever like this film for the risks it took and for the fun it is. It was not necessarily the film that should have been made, especially when it was, but I think needed to be made nonetheless. Is that a contradictory and nonsensical statement? Perhaps...


- It is the Force Awakens, but more original, groundbreaking, nearly perfect, and scrappier (in the story and in real life during the making of it.) One of the greatest films ever for many different reasons.


- It was one of the more impactful cinematic experiences you can get in a Star Wars movie. It, I would say, literally has undertones of some small, art-house film.

Rian Johnson took a bold turn with this beloved franchise and it turned out to be an emotional, thrilling, and wonderful movie. He really tried to examine Star Wars and he opened some dangerous boxes because fans and the following movie got riled up and slammed them shut. Never forget how good this movie is and how good for the world it is.


- This is somehow better than one of the greatest movies ever, the one it is a direct sequel to, Star Wars. Basically, see, 'The Last Jedi," section and replace the name behind the making of it.


- Revenge of The Sith is the big, dark, emotional, well made (mostly,) finale to the prequel story and a very important moment in the franchise as a whole. Battle of The Heroes is my favorite Star Wars musical track of all time. The fight on Mustafar (and in the senate chamber) is my favorite and probably the best of all the movies.

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