My Least Favorite Movies of 2019 So Far

What's going on, you guys! I published an episode of the podcast in which I detail my favorite movies of 2019, at the midpoint in the year. Now, I will use this space to share the movies I did not enjoy. Drop a comment on the article, start a topic on the forum, or hit us on social media and let us know what you think of my choices and what your's are!

Replicas - Fuck you.

Pet Sematary - Eesh. I had really high hopes for this movie even though I shouldn’t have. I knew that the casting was interesting, but this collection of actors is not the carry-a-big-time-horror-movie type. The movie does stink with potential. There are some very strong visuals, I really love a lot of the locations sets, and shots. The acting wasn’t bad, but it just doesn’t make it all the way. I love me some John Lithgow though. Jason Clarke can’t catch a break. He is part of the problem, but he keeps signing onto these bad movies, man. There are very few good scares. I recall myself jumping two times. I am, finally, starting to get a little numb to horror jump scares though. The cat was good, I didn’t like the several dead animals I had to witness, but that is in the name of the movie so no complaints there. I was hoping to see The Wendigo on screen. Maybe it was hiding in the trees in a shot or two? I thought it was once. The score was actually cool. Maybe not top of the line, but a good horror movie score makes the world better. The ending, I liked the idea of something bold, but it was not handled well. 3/10.

The Dirt - Not much to say. A weird vibe watching it. Didn’t love the performances per say. It isn’t a totally bad movie, I just really don’t care for it. Naw fuck it, I don’t like it anymore. 3/10.

That wraps it up for this one! Not a long list, thankfully. There have been only a few movies that really left a bad taste in my mouth at this point in the year! I do expect a few to join the list though...

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check out the latest episodes of the podcast!

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