Let's Go To Exogol!

What's going on, you guys! There are rumors that a new Star Wars movie is being developed. J.D. Dillard (Sleight) and Matt Owens (Luke Cage) are working on a story, supposedly, for the next Star Wars movie. Owens is a writer and Dillard is more the director type. Of course he has written things, but it seems as if Dillard would direct and Owens will write this hypothetical Star Wars movie.

I don't have much to say on the writing duo as I am not familiar with their work, but that isn't what I am interested in at the moment. The real super interesting news is the possible subject matter. It won't matter if these two don't craft a quality story, but bare with me here. Their movie may be placed on the Sith planet of Exogol, first (and last) seen in The Rise of Skywalker. I like this. I like it a lot. For me, and I would argue for most, the Sith, Jedi, The Force and it's nature have been the most interesting aspects of Star Wars. Of course, the characters and heart behind the stories is more important and interesting, but you know what I mean. Still, I am also here for the lightsabers and force powers and that badass shit.

The nice thing about, like, the Force and Star Wars vibe is that there is so much room in so many eras and types of stories and genres and run-on sentences, it's all there. There is so much to do to explore the mysteries of the force and the Sith and Jedi and (I can't stop using those three words in sentences), so when a movie or even a book or something come up that sounds interesting, the sky is the limit. So, this Exogol movie could really be great. We can learn more about Sith in Disney's new canon. One of the absolute and most annoying aspects of the finale to the Skywalker saga was the lack of of backstory to Palpatine's resurrection. J.J. played the nostalgia card and repeated one of the most quoted, loved, repeated, analyzed, and quoted moments from the prequels and threw it in to his movie just because it excuses him from actually taking his time and working out story and character motivations. Fuck it, I guess. A movie on Exogol would be one of two things in my mind: A Palpatine prequel to J.J. saga capper or a prequel to, like, the saga that details the acolytes of the Sith or the actual pre-Republic era.

Both ideas would be interesting. I would prefer a pre-Republic era prequel. Palpatine backstory would be cool, but as one who pretty much hated Palpatine's involvement in the most recent movie and... Damn I hated it... Except for the mega Force Lightning. One of the most epic moments and displays of power on par or greater than the last Vader scene from Rogue One A Star Wars Story. As one who pretty much hated Palpatine's involvement in the most recent movie, I don't need to see a prequel detailing his semi comeback. I would be more interested in a Sith Lord we haven't met before, or a group of Sith, that does some Sith magic and science stuff! Magic would mean an obligatory name drop for Mother Talzaan, so hell yeah!

You like blurry, unofficial pictures of movies?
You like blurry, unofficial pictures of movies?

The unfortunate thing is that as I wrote in my post about The High Republic (check it out!), Disney seems to desperate to throw every single story idea they CAN at the wall full force with reckless abandon and praying to any and every religious and/or Supernatural being that SOMETHING sticks and everyone loves it and they can take all of our money again. They also like when I write grammatically incorrect sentences. They do. I promise. This Exogol movie is a promising idea for several reasons, but in reality it may not happen. It also has to please a wide scale audience and have meaning. So, I am cautiously optimistic for a possible movie set on Exogol.

Be sure to read the previous post about Star Wars: The High Republic and listen to our podcast wherever you get your podcasts or on Youtube. Drop a comment below and let me know what YOU think of an Exogol movie!

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