What's going on, you guys! When the trailer for The Invisible Man dropped however many months ago it did, I immediately dismissed the movie. It didn't look fresh, scary, or interesting. Still, I had some hope because of the players involved. Jason Blum and Leigh Whannell mainly. It wasn't a movie I planned on seeing in theaters, but once it was released, the positive reviews came pouring in. Both fans and critics seem to be taking to it overall.


I decided to make the trek to a theater and check it out. I watched it in Dolby Cinema. This. Movie. Is. GREAT. From the first second I was scared. The opening scene has all the tension a human being can handle. I find it interesting because this movie doesn't really let up on the tension. There are some moments of m, you know, content, but it doesn't really give you time to breathe or feel safe. It is tough to maintain that atmosphere for 2 hours without a lot of breaks. Whannell did it though. He wrote and directed it. He previously wrote and directed Upgrade (a very good film) and directed Insidious Chapter 3. He also wrote and even started in at least one of the Saw movies. I think Whannell has proven himself with this film. The cast was strong (I had doubts about Elizabeth Miss going into it, but she proved that she can lead a film.) The score was fantastic! Benjamin Wallfisch (It movies, Annabelle: Creation, Blade Runner 2049) created a wild and amazing horror soundtrack once again. He has a very distinct style, but this was his most unique work to date, I think.

The movie itself, what it is about, is also really intense. The trailers initially painted a not-so-good picture of an underwhelming horror movie that awkwardly updates an old idea, with a weak statement on domestic abuse. That could not be farther from the truth. I think the trailer is a very, like, clear picture of what the film it, but it is so scary, it has such a strong theme, and it does the science fiction or technology aspects so well. You NEED to go see this movie in theaters. Elizabeth Miss, Leigh Whannell, and Jason Blum (among others) all deserve a good box office for this effort.

I actually shed a tear in two different scenes. Literally one year, but both came about because something shocking and scary happened. I jumped, my mouth dropped to the floor, and I cried a little bit twice. The first scare in the film scared the bejeebers out of me.

To close this out, don't bother leaving the lights on when you try to sleep after watching this because you won't see your nightmare coming anyway...

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