DC Fandome Roundup

What's going on, you guys! I did not watch any panels, but like some of you I just waited for other websites to relay the information learned. I will update this throughout the day. So, here's a brief roundup of what I found more notable from the event:

FLASH Andy Muschietti revealed new concept art for the Flash movie. He confirmed that Ben Affleck will have more of a cameo in the film and the events of the film will be taking him out of the continuity somehow. Michael Keaton's Batman will have a substantial role. It seems as if reports of him being a Nick Fury type in the DCEU seem to be possibly true.

SHAZAM! 2 David F. Sandberg revealed the title to the Shazam! sequel. Shazam: Fury of The Gods.

AQUAMAN Director, James Wan, said that the sequel to his Aquaman will be more serious and have a bit more to do with the issues the world is facing currently.

BLACK ADAM Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam movie is FINALLY truly in the pipeline. We got a logo reveal as well as confirmation of what heroes will be in the Justice Society of America. This is the pre-Justice League superhero team in DC continuity. Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone. I think there there are more to be revealed.

THE SNYDER CUT We finally got a full trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League. The trailer looks good, on par with his previous DC efforts. It will be released as a mininseries consisting of 4, 1 hour episodes. There will be a 4 hour movie version released. I'm assuming that will happen after the final episode debuts which will be a weekly experience, if I'm not mistaken.

THE SUICIDE SQUAD No doubt the biggest surprise for me was how stunning and fun this kocienlooks. A full cast/character video announcement was released along with a behind the scenes look/sizzle reel including cast and crew interview bits. The film looks BIG and it is described in the sizzle reel as a "70's War Movie war movie vision mixed with James Gunn's humor and style in a superhero movie" more or less. All that plus this poster:

WONDER WOMAN 1984 The final trailer for the upcoming theatrical release dripped early this morning and it looks fantastic. Well, has the potential. We saw more of Chris Pine, got a hint of how and why he is back alive, and saw a glimpse of Cheetah in her final form. The Cheetah footage was annoying because it is night time footage and you can barely get a good look, even in screenshots. Still, it all looks promising.

THE BATMAN Nevermind, THIS is the best and most surprising news from today's event!!! Pattinson looks cool and sexy per usual. The film looks HEAVY and very stylized, I love it. I'm already hoping it's my favorite Batman movie! The mystery element looks really engaging. Well see how well realized it actually is. Batmobile looks cute. The action looks GREAT. Battinson fucking destroying that one dude scared me a little!

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