"Child's Play" Review - Not Worth My Time

What's going on, you guys! I had the displeasure of watching Chucky wreak havoc in an apartment building and department store recently. Child's Play is a reboot, directed by Lars Klevberg. This is his first big chance, after some success with a film called, Polaroid. It stars the likes of Mark Hammill, Aubrey Plaza, and Brian Tyree Henry. Those three cast members delivery strong performances, with Henry making me laugh out loud in a theater that I went to see a movie alone. Even they couldn't make this a truly enjoyable film though.

I sort of feel bad to come here and trash a movie, but I just really did not like it. It was, in my own words, one of the most annoying movies I have ever had to sit through. Gabriel Bateman played Andy Barclay, the main character of the story and it is a shit character. I mean, he just has the worst reaction to everything. Whenever Chucky does something shady, he just gets close to the doll and yells, "Chucky why are you so weird, what are you doing?" It is like he processes nothing. The plot and dialogue make it seem as if he does, but he is so.... off. His two friends were pretty funny.

The main attraction of the film, Chucky or Buddi, is pretty good. I realized as the movie really got going that htis just isn't my kind of film. It is like a horror, slasher, comedy, statement sort of film. The kind of movie that revels in gore or just plain gruesome deaths and other actions. We are supposed to, in a way, laugh at the violence becuase the people experiencing are what is wrong with society. I just could NOT get jiggy with it. Some silly character decisions (which I am used to with my love of the ALIEN franchise), bad setups, scares that aren't scary, and dark comedy. I think, honestly, this was a nice approach to rebooting Chucky. It felt like a throwback to the original. I have a negative opinion of the film, so I think it feels dated. It feels as if this could have come out 20 years ago (not in a good way. Not such as Mid 90s. Good film, worth a watch.) Still, the modern update on Chucky's mythology was pretty well done. Mark Hammill added a very cool role to his legacy.

So, in all, I just did not like this movie. To be fair though, I would call it a 5/10. T o be unfair, which I am going to do so, I truly give it a 2/10. I would not make the trek to a theater for this one.

Well, that about wraps it up for today, you guys! Thank you for reading! If you saw the movie, drop a comment or start a topic on the forum and let me know how you feel! OR whatever YOU want to bring to the discussion! Be sure to check out my sister and I reviewing our favorite horror movie doll and her new movie, Annabelle Comes Home! On YouTube or almsot anywhere you listen to your podcasts!

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