AD ASTRA: He Was The Best of Us

Ad Astra is, to put it lightly, a masterpiece. This is a non-spoiler review, so I will not go too into detail, but I think the journey of Brad Pitt's Roy McBride is one of immense sadness and grandure. From Pitt's performance, to the editing (voice-overs, transitions,) to the directing of James Gray it has a really strong effect on me. This movie plays, to me, as a more accessible version of something such as 2001: A Space Odyssey. Astra does not feel as if it is a cheaper action version of something profund. This movie is rather exciting. There is a firefight on the moon, man. It does feel long at times, but it is just the nature of the film. It takes a lot of time to breathe and let the characters and actors (namely Pitt) command the screen and really just be. The viasuals of the movie are, first off, outstanding. The use of lights and colors in many ways give this movie it's life. Combine that with the OUSTANDING effects and it could have felt like it was too much.

There is a point in which Pitt's character is trying to process some new information and he is in a, "calm room," or something and on the walls of this room are really... a lot visually. It is a very suffocating visual moment, but it isn't like most big, space movies in which action is occurring within these visuals overwhelming the viewer, this comes in a more inward, personal, dramatic moment. I am trying to sound smart and be honest here because this movie really hit me where it hurts. To give it a rating out of 10, right now, I say 10/10! I think it is DEFINITELY A film worth checking out if you can. I saw it in IMAX and would reccommend a premium format such as that, if you can.

Drop a comment here or on the YouTube video and le tme know what you thought of it (no spoilers please) or if you are excited to see it!

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